Yardsale Purses

25 Feb

It’s a great feeling to buy something new. That fresh leather smell of a new coach purse is intoxicating. You better believe you’ll pay for that new leather smell. If a new designer purse is not in the budget, consider something a friend of mine does as a hobby. Every weekend with military precision she launches a yard sale campaign in search of purses. She scours the classifieds, plans here route, and gets an early start looking for purses. She almost always hauls in an old smelly treasure of used and abused purses. Over the years she has become an expert in identifying designer brands and recognizing the counterfeits.

The amazing part of the purse seeking campaigns are the transformations from old ratty purses to beautiful restored designer purses or handbag ready for use or sale on eBay. So get out there and hit the yard sale circuit in your neighborhood and find treasures hidden by age and neglect. With a little effort and elbow grease you can have a beautiful restored designer purse for a fraction of the cost.

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